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  • Ninja Foodi RecipesPhoto of Lobster Tails-Ninja Foodi Recipe

    Lobster Tails-Ninja Foodi Recipe

    One of the most delicious foods out there is lobster.  There are two problems with lobster, though.  1- they are expensive.  2- they are a bit tricky to cook.  If you over cook them, they are ruined and you just wasted a bunch of money!  Nooooo!!  So, most people skip…

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  • Ninja Foodi RecipesPhoto of Ninja Foodi Crab Legs

    Ninja Foodi Crab Legs

    I love just about any and all kinds of shellfish.  I’m not sure if it’s the actual shellfish or the butter that you dip it in that I love more!  When Luis and I met he wasn’t big on any shellfish….no shrimp, no lobster and no crab.  He has since…

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