The Baked Bear Nashville

Ice Cream Sandwiches

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We recently went on a 19-day road trip throughout the Southeastern United States, starting in Chicago.  Our first stop?  Nashville Tennessee.  Neither Luis nor myself have ever been there and we thought it would be a great place to go for just a couple of days.  While in Nashville, we ate A LOT!!!  One of our favorite places that we ate was called The Baked Bear! 

Baked Bear Nashville

Ok, anyone that knows me knows that I am not much of a sweet eater.  Generally speaking, I prefer savory over sweet any day.  However…..that changed very quickly once I got to The Baked Bear. 

Baked Bear Nashville

When you walk into The Baked Bear, the first thing you think of is “hmmmm….am I at Chipotle or an ice cream shop??”  The Baked Bear is a beautiful combination of ice cream shop combined with a step by step selection of each item that you want in your ice cream sandwich.  Oh…did I mention that this isn’t just another ice cream shop.  It’s an ICE CREAM SANDWICH shop.  Mind is blown!  Have you ever seen an ice cream sandwich shop?  I sure hadn’t before.  

The Menu:

Baked Bear Nashville

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Step 1: Choose Your Top and Bottom

The first step in the adventure of creating your very own ice cream sandwich masterpiece starts by choosing what type of cookie you want to use.  I opted for the cookie of the month which was a chocolate chip and pecan cookie.  Because I’m a little less daring when it comes to desserts, I chose the same cookie for the top and the bottom.  

Step 2: Choose Your Ice Cream

The second step is to choose your ice cream.  This was a very quick decision for me.  I have a thing for very dark chocolate ice cream. I don’t like regular chocolate ice cream but gravitate to the dark chocolate.  So, obviously, when I saw that they had dark chocolate ice cream, I went with that.  Boy am I glad I did.  It was sooooo good!

Step 3: Choose your Toppings

By the time I got to the third step, I was overwhelmed with so many choices that I panicked and skipped all the toppings!  Looking back, I think I probably should have gotten heath bar bits.  There are so many fun options to choose from.  You could literally get hundreds of different variations of ice cream sandwiches just by adjusting your toppings each time!

Step 4:

Think Quiznos or Potbelly for this step.  You get to choose if you want your sandwich warmed up or not!  I will say that I was VERY skeptical with this step.  Why would you want to warm up your ice cream sandwich?  It would for sure become melty and super hard to eat, right?  Well, I went for it!  To my surprise, the cookie was warm and soft and the ice cream stayed super cold and hard.  This was a win in my book!

Baked Bear Nashville

Luis chose the funfetti cookie which is a sugar cookie with sprinkles on it and he had the butter brittle cake ice cream.  He likes his desserts a lot sweeter than I do and he was quite pleased with his choices.

Do we recommend going to The Baked Bear in Nashville?

100% yes!  If you are in Nashville, you must go to The Baked Bear at least once.  I wanted to go back but we ran out of time. Be prepared to wait in a pretty long line when you do go.  It takes a few minutes for each person to get their custom ice cream sandwich but it is totally worth the wait!  

Baked Bear Nashville

Save this recipe for later!

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