Ninja Creami EBook from The Tasty Travelers! Available in a printable (print at home) and downloadable version.

Looking for even more cooking inspiration? Well, you've come to the right place! Check out the Frozen Treat Recipe Cookbook from The Tasty Travelers™! I've put together 55 Ninja Creami recipes that are sure to inspire you and get you making even more delicious treats! To make it even better...and SUPER HELPFUL, I've also included in BOTH the Ebook and the printable version are 6 pages of FAQs and substitution suggestions!

Ninja Creami Cookbook Bundle
Ninja Creami Cookbook Bundle

Ninja Creami Download Ebook
Ninja Creami Download Ebook

Ninja Creami Cookbook
Ninja Creami Cookbook Whats included

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How many recipes are included?

There are 55 recipes in the ebook and the printable version. They are the same 55 recipes in both.

Can I buy an already printed version of the book?

No. The book is only available for download. But, there is a printer-friendly version available. The printer-friendly version includes the 27 FAQs and substitutions that are at the beginning of the book.

What's the difference between the ebook and the printable book?

The downloadable ebook has 175 full-color pages. Each recipe covers 3 pages. The first page is a large picture of the finished recipe. The second page is the ingredients and instructions and the third page has 3 or 4 tips and tricks, FAQS, and substitutions for that specific recipe. The printable version is one page per recipe. It includes one small picture of the finished recipe, and the ingredients and instructions.

Are all of the recipes in the book on the blog too?

No. There are 15 NEW recipes in the cookbook that are not on the blog yet. Eventually, all of the recipes will be on the blog too.

The cookbook says that the recipes are 100% customizable. What does that mean?

All of the recipes in The Ninja Creami Cookbook from The Tasty Travelers are 100% customizable. This means that you can change the sugar, dairy, stabilizer, flavor extract, pudding flavor, and mix-ins to fit your dietary needs and flavor preference. All recipes can be modified easily with the help of the FAQs and substitution suggestions.

Are there photos for every recipe?

Yes! There are several COLOR photos for EVERY SINGLE RECIPE in the ebook. The printable version has one small photo for every recipe as to save on ink when printing.

Can I return the Cookbook for any reason?

No. Since the product is digital and available immediately, no refunds can be issued.